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A Beginners Guide to Building The Home Gym of Your Dreams

Published on December 07, 2022

With the lasting effects of the pandemic and the added convenience, working out at home is becoming more and more popular.

By having a gym right in your house, the possibilities are endless. There’s no judgment, no transport time and no excuses for getting closer to the body (and mindset) that you deserve!

With a few key pieces of equipment, you can build a gym that’s as effective as any professional facility.

Your Recipe for Success

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or training for a specific goal, these tips will help you create the perfect home gym.

Choose the Right Home Gym Equipment

The type of equipment you need will depend on your goals and preferences. If you plan to do weight training, consider investing in adjustable dumbbells and a bench press or squat rack.

Free weights are great for targeting specific muscle groups, but if space is an issue or you prefer lighter loads, resistance bands are an effective alternative that takes up minimal space. For cardio workouts, look for an exercise bike or treadmill with a range of speed and incline settings so that it can grow with your fitness level.

Kinta Fitness is your one-stop-shop for home gym equipment, Perth and beyond – so make sure to check us out when you start building your ideal home gym!

For the Ultimate Home Gym, a Smith Machine is ideal

If you can’t decide on which products to buy, or simply want to maximise your options when working out from home, invest in a Smith Machine. Your home gym will be taken to the next level with this handy multi-functional machine that lets you target various parts of your body.

With a Smith Machine-equipped home gym by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with your workouts.

Consider Your Space

It’s important to think about size when building your home gym – not only the size of your home gym equipment but also the size of the room itself.

Measure out how much area you have to work with before making any purchases so that they fit comfortably without taking over your entire living space. The more prepared you are, the more smooth the process will be when it comes to bringing your home gym equipment in.

Additionally, having mirrors in your home gym provides visual feedback so that you can check form while exercising. Make sure there’s enough wall space to hang them without crowding other equipment so that you have full accessibility at all times.

Invest in Quality Design Accessories

In addition to home gym equipment like weights and machines, make sure to choose design accessories for your home gym that will make it feel inviting rather than clinical or intimidating.

Consider adding a yoga mat or foam roller for stretching exercises; a fan (or even better – an air conditioner) to keep yourself cool and music speakers to get your adrenalin racing. These little details will help make working out more enjoyable and add some personality to your space.

Mission Accomplished! You’re Ready to Work Out in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Creating an effective home gym doesn’t have to be too difficult or expensive – all it takes is some careful planning and thoughtfully chosen pieces of home gym equipment.

Investing in quality materials and adding design accessories will turn any room into an inviting workout zone where anyone can achieve their fitness goals without ever leaving their house!

With these tips in mind, building the perfect beginner-friendly home gym is well within reach!

Kinta Fitness is your trusted supplier of home gym equipment in Perth, so what are you waiting for?

Simply contact our team about your home gym plans and let us get you closer to your new Personal Best!

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