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7.5kg technique barbell blue

7.5kg Technique Training Barbell

20kg competition kettlebell

Kinta Competition Kettlebells

From $63.80

15m x 50mm Battle Rope with Nylon Sheath


Calibrated Steel Weight Plates Coloured


Competition Olympic Weight Plates

hex dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells

24kg ironcast kettlebell

Ironcast Kettlebells

From $28.10
20kg iron cast weight plate

KINTA Cast Iron Weight Plates


Kinta Colour Bumper Weight Plates

10kg Quad Grip Weight Plate

Kinta Quad Grip Weight Plates


Kinta Wrist Wraps

12kg slam ball

Slam Balls

From $17.00
PU tri grip weight plate

Tri Grip PU Weight Plates

Tricep Pull Down Rope

Tricep Pull Down Rope

20lb wall ball

Wall Balls

From $51.00

15m x 38mm Nylon Sheath Battle Rope


Battle Rope 38mm x 15m

35kg ez curl fixed barbell

Kinta Fixed Curl Barbells

$70.00 - $350.00
strongman sandbag

Kinta Strongman Sandbags

From $63.80

PR Power Knee Sleeves

100kg cast iron weight plate set

100kg Cast Iron Weight Plate Set


Battle Rope 50mm x 15m


Dumbbell Tower Rack


Dumbbell Vertical Rack Twin Towers


Kinta 25 Foot Climbing Rope


Weight Vest Inserts


Crossfit Rig Shackle

Kettlebell storage rack rig attachment 1.08m

Kettlebell Rack Rig Attachment 1.08m


Kinta 10 Foot Climbing Rope


Kinta 15 foot Climbing Rope


Kinta PR Power Elbow Sleeves

Wall mounted 6 barbell gun rack

Wall Mounted 6 Barbell Gun Rack


100kg Bumper Weight Plate Set


20kg 700lb Olympic Barbell

gym cable attachment storage rack

Gym Cable Attachment Storage Rack

27% OFF

Knee Sleeves Grey