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Safety Squat Barbell

Trap Barbell 6ft

Trap Barbell 6ft

Quick Lock Collars

Quick Lock Collars

7.5kg technique barbell blue

7.5kg Technique Training Barbell

Multigrip Swiss Barbell

Multigrip Swiss Barbell

Trap Barbell 5ft Short

Trap Barbell 5ft Short

35kg ez curl fixed barbell

Kinta Fixed Curl Barbells

$70.00 - $350.00
Wall mounted 6 barbell gun rack

Wall Mounted 6 Barbell Gun Rack


20kg 700lb Olympic Barbell

fixed barbells and rack

Fixed Barbell Rack and Straight Bars Set, 10kg to 50kg


Kinta Buffalo Barbell


Wall Mounted 3 Barbell Gun Rack

Single Barbell Holder

Barbell Storage Single


Kinta Deadlift Bar 2.3m


Kinta Power Bar

mini deadlift barbell jack

Mini Deadlift Barbell Jack


T-Bar Row Attachment


Top Loaded Farmers Carry Handles

20kg 1500lb Barbell

20kg 1500lb Olympic Barbell


20kg Olympic Weightlifting Barbell


15kg 1500lb Olympic Barbell


15kg Olympic Weightlifting Barbell


15kg 700lb Olympic Barbell


Kinta 15kg Shorty Barbell

Ez Curl barbell - 10254 black on angle

EZ Curl Barbell

A frame dumbbell storage rack

A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Rack


Hammer Curl Barbell

Barbell Pad

Barbell Pad


3 Barbell Wall Rack


6 Barbell Wall Storage


Fixed Straight Barbell


Barbell Floor Storage


Barbell Spring Collars Pair