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About Kinta

We are Kinta

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Our Background

We are an Australian Special Forces veteran owned-and-operated business. Our ethos and core values are derived from our former military careers.

We are proud of the brand we have created and what it stands for.

Striving to inspire our customers, we exemplify the values of women and men who inspired us throughout our military service.

Kinta Fitness was born while serving overseas. In order to continue the arduous training regime that is required of special forces, with minimal equipment available, we set up a makeshift gym out of items we had at hand.

We returned to Australia wanting to build a brand that focused on quality and design. Our attention to detail across our whole range of products is meticulous. And just like in the military, our equipment is built to last.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality fitness equipment inspired by our military heritage, empowering individuals to reach their peak performance.

We bring the values and ethos that guided us through our service, focusing on quality and meticulous attention to detail, just as we learned in the military.

Our vision is to be the go-to brand for fitness equipment, known for our unwavering commitment to quality, design, and durability; all while honouring our Special Forces roots and the customers that have guided our brand journey so far.

Meet Our Team

From competitive Olympic weight lifters and gym owners to military veterans, meet the team behind KINTA.


Joseph Papworth

Director and Co-Owner, Kinta

Meet Joseph Papworth, the driving force behind Kinta, and the Director and Co-owner. Joseph embodies the values of discipline, precision, and excellence, after ten years in the Australian Military and six years of service in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

Joseph’s passion for fitness extends beyond his military training. He finds joy in all forms of fitness and strength training, embodying the dedication to physical wellbeing that Kinta stands for. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle not only influences his journey but also shapes the ethos of Kinta.

Joseph is deeply passionate about the Kinta brand. He is dedicated to building a team that shares his values, ensuring that Kinta provides premium gym equipment and unparalleled customer service. Under his guidance, Kinta has become synonymous with reliability and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Aidan Dawson

Location Manager

Meet Aidan Dawson, our dynamic Location Manager who is passionate about community and fitness. With a decade of experience as the owner of a thriving CrossFit gym in Perth, Aidan brings a unique blend of leadership and community-building skills.

Beyond the workplace, Aidan is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys pushing his limits and inspiring others to do the same. When he’s not busy ensuring our location operates seamlessly, you can find him embarking on off road adventures and camping trips, cherishing the beauty of the great outdoors with his family.

Aidan’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment extends from the gym to our workspace. His dedication to both his professional and personal pursuits exemplifies the values of community, determination, and teamwork at our organisation’s core.

With Aidan overseeing our location, you can expect exceptional service and a genuine sense of camaraderie.

Cooper Long

Warehouse Manager

Meet Cooper Long, our logistical maestro and Warehouse Manager. Cooper ensures that everything runs like clockwork. With meticulous organisational skills and a deep commitment to efficiency, he oversees the heart of our business – our warehouse.

Outside of work, Cooper is passionate about Olympic weightlifting recently achieving an impressive third place in his first competition. His dedication to his craft and determination to succeed permeate his work ethic.

With Cooper managing our warehouse you can trust that your orders are in the best hands. His precision and dedication guarantee that your products will be safely sourced, stored, and shipped.

Chris Papworth

Dispatch and Deliveries Specialist

Meet Chris Papworth, our Dispatch and Deliveries Specialist with a background in the Australian Military. Chris brings discipline, responsibility, and a strong work ethic to our team, ensuring that every package reaches its destination on time.

Chris’s military experience instilled a sense of duty and commitment, qualities he carries into his work in dispatch and deliveries. His reliability and efficiency make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Chris enjoys spending time with his friends outside of work, finding a balance between his professional dedication and personal life. When your package is in Chris’s hands, you can be confident that it will be handled carefully and professionally.

Diego Mazutier

Pick-Packer, Warehouse

Meet Diego Mazutier, our skilled Pick-Packer hailing from Colombia. Diego’s meticulous approach ensures your orders are carefully selected and prepared for delivery.

Beyond his role, Diego is passionate about Colombian cuisine and exploring cultural richness. His enthusiasm for life and his commitment to his work reflect our dedication to delivering products and experiences that exceed your expectations.

Next time you receive a perfectly packed order, know it’s been handled carefully by Diego, our expert Pick-Packer.

Tian Kruger

Retail Sales Assistant & Personal Trainer

Meet Tian Kruger, our multitasking Retail Sales Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer. With a passion for fitness and a heart dedicated to helping others, Tian brings our team a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm.

In retail, Tian is your go-to expert, providing personalised assistance and guidance to ensure you find the perfect products to suit your needs. With his friendly demeanour and extensive product knowledge, he ensures that every shopping experience is enjoyable and informative.

Beyond the retail floor, Tian is a certified Personal Trainer, driven by the belief that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier life. His dedication to fitness and well-being extends beyond the gym, making him a valuable resource for health and wellness advice.

Pau Charneco

Pick-Packer, Warehouse

Meet Pau Charneco, one of our dedicated Pick-Packers in the warehouse, hailing from Spain. Pau infuses our team with his warm Mediterranean spirit and meticulous approach to his work.

In addition to being a Pick-Packer, Pau is on a journey to becoming a certified Personal Trainer and is passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His enthusiasm for this martial art reflects his dedication to discipline, technique, and continuous learning.

Pau’s international perspective and ambition to support others in their fitness endeavours make him a multifaceted and valuable member of our team. The next time you receive a thoughtfully packed order, know that it has been handled with care and precision by Pau, our passionate Pick-Packer with a fighting spirit.