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15m x 50mm Battle Rope with Nylon Sheath

12kg slam ball

Slam Balls

From $17.00
Tricep Pull Down Rope

Tricep Pull Down Rope

20lb wall ball

Wall Balls

From $51.00

15m x 38mm Nylon Sheath Battle Rope


Battle Rope 38mm x 15m

strongman sandbag

Kinta Strongman Sandbags

From $63.80

Battle Rope 50mm x 15m


Kinta 25 Foot Climbing Rope


Weight Vest Inserts


Battle Rope Anchor


Crossfit Rig Shackle

Kettlebell storage rack rig attachment 1.08m

Kettlebell Rack Rig Attachment 1.08m


Kinta 10 Foot Climbing Rope


Kinta 15 foot Climbing Rope


Base Power Rack


Bench Press Squat Stand


Half Power Rack


Heavy Duty Squat Rack


Power Cage


Wall Mounted Squat Rack


Wall Mounted Squat Rack, Fold-away


Dip Bar Attachment

J-Hook Pair Standard

J-Hook Pair Standard


Lat Pull Down Attachment for Kinta Base Power Rack

Premium J-Hooks

Premium J-Hooks


Spotter Arm Pair


Crossfit Rig Freestanding 3 Cell


Crossfit Rig Freestanding Double Cell


Crossfit Rig Wall Mounted Double Cell


Kinta Smith Machine


Pull Up Bar 1.08m


Pull Up Bar 1.8m


Single Cell Wall Mounted Rig Dual Height


Jerk Block 12inch Pair


Jerk Block 15inch Pair