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How to set up a Kettlebell station in your home gym

Published on April 28, 2022

Do you want to set up a kettlebell station in your home gym? Do you have a few questions about the correct configuration? I don’t blame you; Kettlebell training is incredibly effective and super fun and addicting. So let’s talk about how to set up your home gym.

Invest in a rack

A rack is a way to store your Kettlebells neatly. If you’re planning on getting more than one, then this is something you want to invest in. It will keep your Kettlebells from cluttering up your home and make it easy to grab whichever one(s) you need without searching through your house.

You can use either wall or floor racks, depending on the space that you have available. If you have limited space, the wall racks are ideal because they take up less room.

Pay attention to the height of your kettlebell rack

Kettlebell Racks come in two or three height rack spaces: short, medium, and tall.

2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

A quality kettlebell is worth the money

A quality kettlebell Perth is worth the money if you want to work out with it regularly. They are expensive, but they will last you a lifetime. Why is a quality cast iron kettlebell worth the money:

  • It will be more comfortable to use, and you will be able to work out longer without feeling tired or sore.
  • It will be better looking than cheaper ones that have rough edges that cut into your hands when lifting them high above your head, for example.
  • You won’t have to worry about it falling apart during an intense session where all those reps add up quickly over time

Choose a range of weights

Kettlebells come in a wide range of weights, with the standard starting at about 6kg (13lbs) and ranging up to over 40kg (88lbs). The heavier ones are typically intended for two-handed exercises, while the lighter ones can be used one-handed.

Why is it important to choose a range of weights?

Because you won’t always want the same weight, a 12kg (26lb) kettlebell might be perfect for a one-arm swing but too heavy for a two-arm swing or rows. On the other hand, that 12kg kettlebell might be ideal for some squats but too light for others. If you only have one weight to work with and it’s not right, you’ll be stuck doing exercises that aren’t as effective as they could be.

man holding kettlebells in the gym

So what are you waiting for? The benefits of Kettlebell training are endless, and no other piece of exercise equipment can provide a more natural full-body workout. The hard part is deciding which Kettlebell sets would be ideal for your lifestyle. With the steps outlined above, you should have a good idea of what to look for in terms of size, price, and more, so ensure you give Kinta Fitness a visit since they have the best kettlebell set up in Perth.

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