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How to use gym equipment for beginners

Published on September 14, 2021

Gearing up for your first trip to the gym and feeling unsure about how to use the equipment? Then consider this: everyone who is a regular gym-goer was once a beginner. At some point, the many different gym equipment would have left first time users confused and self-conscious. Luckily, it is not that hard to make sense of most gym devices and accessories. After all, they are designed to be used. Our guide on how to use gym equipment for beginners is the perfect place to start. Learn how some of the most popular gym equipment can help you work towards your fitness goals below.

Gym equipment for beginners

Using gym equipment isn’t just for people who want to get buff. People go to gyms or start a home gym to get the most out of each workout. Gym equipment helps improve the strengthening and/or conditioning effects of each exercise. While these are not set categories, seeing them as falling into two groups can help you start learning about the different ways each piece of equipment benefits you.

  • Strength training: This is for people who want to build, maintain, or regain strength in different parts of your body. Any equipment that provides resistance or a weight is designed to help you improve strength. Cycling, lifting, climbing, and bodyweight exercises fall into this category.
  • Conditioning workout: While strengthening exercises are part of conditioning workouts, the term refers to many more bodily improvements. Conditioning workouts include improving your body’s overall fitness, shape, muscle tone, cardio, flexibility, coordination, power, speed, endurance levels, and more. A lot of gym equipment and workouts target multiple muscle groups at the same time, so you can get a well-rounded workout.

Free weight equipment

  • Barbells: These are long bars that allow you to load weight plates on either end of them for exercise. Standard barbell workouts can be done to target every muscle in your body, helping you improve your skeletal structure, muscle tone, and overall strength. Olympic barbells are of higher quality and able to carry greater loads. 
  • Dumbbells: Fixed weight dumbbells are handheld weights that can be used on their own or as a pair. They are used for toning and strengthening your body. Adjustable dumbbells work the same but can be modified to suit each user’s needs. 
  • Weight plate: These heavy circles attached to the ends of barbells for weightlifting exercises. Prices will vary due to the quality and weight of each weight plate.
  • Climbing rope: A climbing rope can help you target all your core, upper, and lower body muscles. You climb up and down them, or perform holds in the air. 
  • Kettlebell: kettlebell exercises allow you to work lesser used muscles. Typically, you will target one primary area of smooth, flowing movements.
  • Exercise/ Yoga mat: This mat acts as a platform that cushions your body during exercise. You can do any core or bodyweight exercises, as well as yoga comfortably on the mat.
  • Flat bench: These are generally great for barbell bench-pressing, but can be used to perform most exercises that target the chest and shoulder areas.
  • Squat rack: squat rack allows you to safely perform free weight squats. There are in-built safety bars and ledges for you to drop a weight quickly in an emergency. 
  • Resistance bands: Resistance bands are versatile gym equipment that can be used to target any part of your body. It can be used to enhance a workout, for rehabilitation, flexibility, and even  bodyweight exercises. 
  • Slam balls: Slimeballs and great for improving overall body power. You throw these falls in order to enhance your fitness and strength of your upper body and hips.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Lat Pull Down and Low Row Machine
  • Lat pulldown & rowing machine: These two devices can come as a set, with the lat pulldown section built on top of the rowing section. The rower is great for cardio exercises, working both the arm and leg muscles. In resistance training, the lat pulldown machine targets the back muscles and forearms. 
  • Stair climber: This equipment works just as its name suggests. You walk “up” the steps as they move in a continual cycle, providing you a low-impact cardio workout that uses the calves and glutes. 
  • Treadmill: A treadmill is a classic piece of gym equipment that allows you to walk or run at any pace. It is great for developing your overall fitness levels and improving your lungs during running. If you use it on an inclined setting, the treadmill can offer a great leg and core workout, targeting the muscles runners use most. 
  • Elliptical machine: And elliptical machine simulates running without placing any impact on your knee joints. This versatile machine can be used simply for cardio workouts, lower body exercises, arm workouts, and improving your overall fitness. You can change the resistance settings depending on your fitness goals and do various kinds of running training in preparation for race day. 

Resistance Equipment

Adjustable Bench EA
  • Leg curl machine: The leg curl machine isolates the hamstring muscles to tone and strengthen them, while building up their endurance levels. 
  • Leg press machine: Leg press machines can vary in design, shape, and size. However, they are all built to target every muscle in the lower part of your body. They also protect your joints for a safe and effective leg press workout session. To target specific parts of your lower body, you can alter your stance while using the machine.
  • Cable machine: A cable machine allows you to perform hundreds of exercises on this one piece of equipment. It gives you the added benefit of placing a steady tension on your muscles during a cable machine workout.
  • Ab bench: And ab bench or ab crunch machine helps you target abdominal muscles without working other parts of your body. On the ab bench, not only can you improve the look of your abs, but also strengthen and tone them, doing workouts which help improve your posture in the long term. 

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Doing your research on how to use gym equipment for beginners is the first step towards acing your health and fitness goals. Once you’ve done some homework, you might even consider investing in some quality home gym equipment. And if you do, be sure to browse our great selection of gym equipment and gym accessories.

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