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6 Exercise equipment that will help you enhance your cardiovascular and muscular strength

Published on April 07, 2022

Choosing the right fitness equipment can make the difference between having a fit and healthy body or getting yourself injured and left frustrated, depressed, and unmotivated. Before you run ahead in search of your next machine at the gym, check out this list of top 6 exercise equipment that will help you enhance your cardiovascular and muscular strength without putting undue stress on your joints.


This exercise is simple but effective. You will need a 10 – 20lb ball and a wall. Stand facing the wall with your feet about 1 to 2 feet away from the wall. Your legs should be slightly bent in a squatting position. Now hold the ball up against your chest and throw it up at the wall as hard as you can. Catch the ball, return to your starting position, and repeat. This should be done for 30 seconds with no rest in between repetitions.

How does it work?

This exercise works on both upper and lower body strength. As you throw the ball at the wall, your abs, hips, and shoulders are all engaged to maintain control of your body. The squat movement will help strengthen your legs too!

How does it improve your cardio and strength?

The combination of throwing the ball and then getting into position again will get your heart rate up and improve your stamina.

Which body parts does a wall ball affect?

A wall ball improves all over body strength since you use almost every muscle group to complete this exercise correctly.

Plyo boxes

Plyo boxes are a staple in gyms and health clubs worldwide. They’re used to improve cardio and muscular strength, so they are so popular among athletes. Plyos are designed to enhance your overall fitness by helping you build muscle and increase your endurance.

Although plyo boxes are most commonly used with bodyweight exercises, some people prefer to use them in conjunction with weights such as hex dumbbells and cast iron kettlebells. Either way, you are working your cardiovascular system to improve your cardio with high-intensity workouts if used correctly.

Others who use them say that plyo boxes help improve their cardio and strength, so they do not need training equipment.

Slam balls

Slam balls, also known as dead balls, are heavy balls that you throw or slam against the ground. They’re a great way to build muscles and work out in your cardio.

How does it work?

Slamming a ball against the ground is a sound idea for strength training because it works all of your major muscle groups — back, legs, chest, and arms. You can do the exercises anywhere you have open floor space. Slamming a ball increases explosiveness, boosting power and speed in athletics. Repeating the exercise rapidly also raises heart rate and burns calories.

How does it improve your cardio and strength?

Most cardio training involves repetitive movements like running on a treadmill or cycling on an exercise bike, which over time can lead to injuries and boredom. Slam-ball workouts allow you to vary your motions while still providing a solid aerobic challenge. Slamming the ball harder can increase your cardio workout than repeating the action faster without explosive energy.

Gym rings

The gym rings are exercise pieces of equipment that provide a variety of exercises that increase your strength and endurance. They are made up of two pieces of nylon tape, one attached to a timber ring. The rings allow you to lift and swing them around your body easily if practised and trained regularly.

How does it work?

Gym rings are straightforward and do not require any special training or equipment. The rings are placed on top of two bars, which can be adjusted by shortening the nylon tape suspensions straps.

To use the rings, lift them off the floor and place them onto the bars in front of you, making sure that they are level with your shoulders and chest. As you move the handles, the bands will become tighter, and you will push your weight off balance, allowing for additional strength training in your arms, legs, and core muscles.

Battle ropes

Battle ropes are thick polyester ropes that come in various lengths and diameters. The polyester material allows you to use them both indoors and outdoors without any problem. And because they are made from polyester, they are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

How does it work?

The basic idea behind using battle ropes is to generate waves by moving your hands up and down the rope. You can do several different motions using the battle ropes; they aim to develop waves up and down the rope for as long as possible.

How does it affect your cardio and strength?

It will improve your strength and endurance tremendously because every movement requires you to use your whole body. In addition, it will improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility by a large margin. Plus, you can use this piece of equipment whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight.

Whether you are looking to improve your body strength or charge up your cardio, there is an excellent piece of equipment for you at Kinta fitness. Finding the one that fits your training goals and level of experience will ensure that you can get the most out of your time in the gym.

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