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The Ultimate Newbie Fitness Guide

Published on April 07, 2022

Being new to the world of fitness can be a little overwhelming. There are so many different equipment and exercises; trying to figure out what’s the best can be tough. Here’s a quick guide to some of the things you should buy to get in shape.

Rubber yoga mat

When you begin with fitness at home, in a park or starting yoga, it’s important to have a rubber yoga mat. It is an essential mat to have at the beginning of your fitness journey. The mat will give you stability and grip while performing some exercises and protect you from injuries.

It’s vital that you buy a good quality rubber mat because it will last longer and will be more durable. A good rubber yoga mat should be able to absorb shocks, have a non-slip surface, be resistant to water, dirt and oil, be easy to clean, and be lightweight so that you can easily carry it around; most people prefer a black yoga mat.

Mag grip

Mag Grip is a comfortable grip that can be used for many back exercises like pull-ups, lat pulldowns, etc. It is a tool that helps enhance your grip while you work out and isolates different muscle groups while using cable machines.

Mag Grip is a handle that can be attached to cables, making it more comfortable to do exercises. It is made up of a rubber grip, making it durable and moisture resistant. Make sure to utilize it while starting your fitness journey.

Weightlifting belt

The weightlifting belt is a standard equipment that bodybuilders use to support the lower back and spine during heavy lifts.

The belt works to restrict the movement of the lower back when performing deadlifts, squats, overhead press and other similar lifts. A weightlifting belt aids in keeping your lower back in a neutral position and keeps you from arching it too much during these exercises.

A weightlifting belt is essentially a thick band of leather or nylon that can be strapped around your waist using Velcro or a metal lever buckle. The belt will vary in width depending on its purpose, but most belts are 4-6 inches wide. Most serious weightlifters purchase leather belts because they offer more support and last longer. Still, many beginners opt for a cheaper nylon belt because it is affordable and easy to wear.

Liquid chalk

Liquid chalk has become an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional method of powdered dry chalk. It combines the benefits of loose magnesium carbonate powder with the use of a liquid solution. The combination creates a tacky coat that adheres to your hands, forming a protective barrier against sweat and moisture build-up. It will provide you with a better grip and protection than regular chalk when used correctly.

How does it work?

Liquid chalk works by creating a tacky coat that adheres to your hands, forming a protective barrier against sweat and moisture build-up. This material helps to improve friction between your skin and any surface that you touch. Liquid chalk is also helpful because it can be applied quickly without leaving behind any residue or dust on equipment like barbells or pull-up bars which might cause accidents later on during training sessions when someone else comes into contact with this equipment.

What are the advantages of using liquid chalk over traditional powder?

The most significant advantage over powdered chalk is that it won’t fly off as quickly during your workout, which means less mess on your clothes or equipment. It also doesn’t leave behind any residue because it doesn’t contain any oils from the skin, which can become slippery when mixed with sweat.

Skipping rope

Skipping ropes are a great way to boost your cardiovascular endurance and stamina. If you want to do exercise to lose weight and stay healthy, using a skipping rope is the best way. Skipping ropes is an excellent tool that can be used anywhere and at any time. It also has several other benefits. One of the most popular types of skipping ropes today is the weighted jumping rope which can help build strength and burn fat.

There are many benefits of using a skipping rope for fitness. First of all, it can help tone your body by improving your flexibility and strength. Second, it is also effective in helping you burn calories faster because it helps improve your metabolism and burns more calories than jogging or running. Third, it can also help increase your heart rate, enabling you to get in shape faster.

When you first begin working out, it can be not very clear to try and figure out what equipment or gear you will need. After all, there are so many pieces of fitness equipment on the market today; indeed, some of them must be essential, right? When it comes to weightlifting and building muscle mass, a few things could help you get started, and you can find all the above equipment at Kinta fitness.

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